How to concentrate on one thing for a long time

How to concentrate on one thing for a long time

Life is difficult and it’s hard to concentrate on anything, study is one of them, what are things we should do to pay attention and concentrate on a particular thing or one point only. How to concentrate on one thing for a long time? Concentrating on a single thing without any destruction for a long time is one of the challenging tasks. We have many sense organs working together but the mind is the main organ that is distracted by its surroundings. We need to focus on one point controlling distractions.

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Concentration is our intention to do things, it increases our listening power which helps to increase the power of the mind. Acceptance of disturbance can’t block but you can focus on the thing you want.

There are a lot of distractions around you, but still, you have to target one thing at a time. How to avoid noise in the background, and worries in mind. There are things we have that can improve your concentration.

Table of content

1.      Believe in yourself

2.      Take a deep breath

3.      Focus needs attention

4.      Eliminate distractions

5.      Clearing your mind with meditation

6.      Reduce multitasking at a time

7.      How to improve focus and memory

8.      How to train our brain to focus

9.      How to improve focus and concentration 

10.   Conclusion

Believe in yourself

Believing in yourself is difficult, if you have to build confidence you can pull yourself out of the impossibilities. Believing is hard but you need to believe in yourself, you need to give your best.

Believing in yourself improves your self-confidence. Your confidence will increase the power of believing, and push you towards positivity.

Take a deep breath

Taking a long breath relaxes your mind, whenever your mind wanders, your breathing gets off track, and when you breathe in and out clear your mind and get back to work.

Practicing this process is to keep away from distractions. Your long breathing practice relaxes your mind and it just refreshes your mind and works better when your mind is in wonder.

Focus needs attention

To concentrate on a particular thing, we need to listen to the vibration of everything beyond our surroundings, that level of focus is your attention, if you miss attention, you will miss the opportunity.

If you want to understand clearly, it’s like a story, your mind concentrates on the story, and what is happening around is not listening. If you are getting bored by focusing on the aim point. Your mind starts receiving information from your surroundings.

 Attention is like playing a game. If your mind is on a mission from the ball you will lose the match. even any kind of incident around you will not distract your mind. The same kind of attention is required to focus on one point.

Eliminate distractions

The most important thing to distract you is your mobile phone, put away your mobile phone, and your TV screen and loud noise distract your mind with lots of unwanted things appearing, and the people moving around making rough discussions, and caring for children.  

It's very difficult to get away from the disturbing voice of your surroundings, you can listen to quiet music using headphones, for the time you want concentration.

If you know what you are searching for and try to focus on the particular work, your mind diverts towards the other things it becomes difficult to find. You know it’s social media’s attraction, you are completely serious, but if you watch for some time, you forget how much time you have wasted.

Clear your mind with meditation

If you have improved your confidence, then the second most important thing for concentration is clearing your mind. If you are getting distracted by something, that’s worrying you, unable to concentrate on anything in routine work. Whenever you try to concentrate on anything,  your attention turns back to the same distraction.

If you are not able to concentrate on any other task then you need to solve the issue of the previous worry. Prepare your mind for the previous task which makes you worry that it is solved and stop thinking and clear your mind.  

If you want to focus on another point, throw out your tension, and start concentrating on the particular thing which is your task. That is possible only with meditation. Proper meditational practices will help you concentrate and focus on the particular thing you want to achieve.

Reduce multitasking at a time

Your phone is the most distracting device in your daily routine life. You need to throw the phone away, you can do this, it’s possible otherwise no concentration possible. If you are trying to write an important dialogue or quote, your mobile distracts you, and your phone screen prices you more than the other works in an hour.

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If you are attempting to multitask at a time, nowadays almost all work is online, you try to segregate your device, laptop, or computer, and the phone is used for social networks and entertainment. All the tasks weren't possible at the time. Some people have the confidence to attempt multiple tasks at a time but if you want to concentrate on one thing that can’t show your perfection.

You need to control your habits and try to concentrate on particular points while keeping away from mobile phones. Reducing multitasking at a time will make you more refreshed and able to focus on one thing.

How to Improve Focus and Memory

Try to concentrate for some time, if you can’t you can push yourself for more time. You can choose other work. Once you start for some time, you need to concentrate more, obviously starting something is always hard.  

How to improve focus and memory? Concentration needs a peaceful environment, its power needs to be improved by practicing for many hours, and it needs proper rest or sound sleep to improve your memory to concentrate for more hours.  It needs regular practice like meditation, with the concept of the peaceful mindset of learning. 

How to train our brain to focus

Find your way to a particular point of concentration, if you don’t know what your focus point is, you can’t concentrate. The motivation you get from your parents, your priority must be to support your parents financially. Your teacher has trained you on how to focus.

We need to train our brain to focus on a particular point, it may be study, exams, or meditation. This kind of motivation gets you through every single day your beliefs and things become more possible.

How to Improve Focus and Concentration

How to improve focus and concentration? This question often comes into our mind when we start concentrating on one thing, you suddenly open youtube, Facebook, or WhatsApp. Your mind gets diverted because concentrating on one point is not your priority for that movement.

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Concentration is nothing but a disease inside our mind which keeps reminding us to increase our priorities.  How to focus on studying? You have the maximum concentration while studying when you read, speak loudly, and write it. In school, if we have cleared the concept, all questions will be remembered.

For improving our concentration we need to concentrate on a particular task as its final. We need to be prepared with clear determination and focus as there is nothing around us.


We have discussed all the points on how to concentrate on one thing or one point only. You will have understood. I hope you don’t have any doubts about concentration. If this article is very useful for you, if you have any doubts you can comment on the comment section below, and you will get a reply. 

With best wishes to all the readers. 


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