Motivation for preparation of SSC-CGL Exam- 2023

Motivation for preparation of

SSC-CGL Exam- 2023

Preparation for all government jobs is not so easy, millions of candidates have been preparing and appearing in the different Govt. exams every year. Only those qualified who have been appearing for many years. Motivation for preparation of SSC-CGL exam-2023, has been specified for new candidates. 

Some of them get qualified on the first attempt, some qualify on the next attempt, and some of them are not able to qualify. The reason is they have been aiming for many years, and targeting SSC since their educational exams.

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Many students have been preparing for IIT, JEE, and NEET, along with studies at the senior secondary level, and in the same way, some students have started aiming for SSC CGL along with their studies. They qualified for SSC CGL on their first attempt. How to prepare for SSC, here are some tips. You must know if you are aiming for the SSC CGL exams.     

Table of content

  • Best tips for SSC CGL preparation
  • How to search for SSC CGL exams
  • How to apply for SSC CGL
  • Best course for SSC  preparation 
  • Best Books for SSC Preparation
  • Best online tips for SSC exams
  • How to study for many hours
  • How to give your best
  • Conclusion

Best tips for SSC CGL preparation

If you have been trying for many years, and are not able to qualify at first attempt, you need to follow the following tips which are very much sure to qualify.

·        Collect the syllabus, books, course material, and online tips. Practice solving the online test.

·        Revise the question of the last many years. These questions are not repeated anymore, but similar questions can be asked.

·        Improve your knowledge by watching videos of experienced teachers, and toppers’ views on SSC preparation means a lot for beginners.

·        Study consistently, improve concentration, study every year as freshers, and know more about what has not been done last year.

·        Be relaxed and keep your confidence high while attempting exams, and practice solving questions on time

How to search for SSC, and CGL exams

In the employment news, and in the other newspapers you will see the advertisement for SSC CGL, the date of exams and the period for the preparation of the exam, and the patterns of the exam.

The first and most important is to search for job openings. According to eligibility criteria, age, qualification, and category. You may search for a government job.

Website of the govt. Job portal for SSC, CGL which provides more information about jobs in India. SSC CGL is the easiest clerical-based Government Job.

How to apply for SSC CGL

If you have searched for the SSC CGL, an advertisement in the newspaper, or employment news. You have to apply as per the suggestion advised in the newspapers.

Nowadays government organisations are accepting applications online. As per the advertisement go for the online process, register for applying online, fill out the application form, and attach all the essential required documents, such as a passport-size photo, and signature. For fee submission, select the payment option and pay online.

The online submission of the form has three parts: registration, online form filling, and fee payment. If you have completed everything perfectly, you will get the confirmation of successfully submitted.

Best course for SSC CGL preparation

The SSC CGL syllabus has been released by the Staff Selection Commission with the official notification. The syllabus will help the candidates to prepare well for upcoming exams. Motivation for preparation of govt. job

SSC CGL is a Combined graduate level exam consisting of two stages, Tier I and Tier II are computer-based multiple-choice objective-type questions. And Tier III is a descriptive type of test. Tier four is for the specific post for data entry computer-based skill test (DEST).  

The syllabus for SSC CGL  2023 is General Awareness, General Intelligence and Reasoning, Maths, Quantitative Aptitude, and English Comprehension.

Reasoning power is to check your talent thinking abilities and decision-making. Maths checks for the ability of quick calculation. And English has common errors that can be improved by reading books, stories, and articles.

If you ignore difficult words and are not able to understand the meaning, you must find the meaning in the dictionary. This process will increase your words power to know better while learning English.

Best Books for SSC CGL Preparation

There are various publishers' books available for the preparation of SSC CGL. Some of the best writers are S. Chand, Arihant, R. S. Agrawal, Wren Martin, and S. P. Bakshi.  Motivational Speech for preparation of exams

The best books are S. P. Bakshi's book for English Grammar, Wren Martin’s English Grammar, Ashok Kumar Singh’s ‘English for Common Errors’, and S. Chand’s for Maths. And Lucents’ General knowledge is the best for GK practices.

Best online tips for SSC

Some preparation can be done by joining BYJU for the preparation of SSC CGL online classes. They will provide you with the expected questions for practice, and notes for better preparation and practice as per schedule. That can be revised multiple times.

India’s best SSC team for online classes, ‘Careerwill’ team Mr. Satender - Chemistry, Mr. Arun Gautam & Mr.  Jaideep - English, Mr. Rakesh Yadav - Maths, Mr. Arun Kumar Singh - Reasoning. Your maximum output in the minimum time required to crack the SSC CGL exam.

How to study for many hours

Study time needs to be organized as per your time as a student. If you are a student or doing a private job, you have to find time for practice at least 3 to 4 hours daily. If you are not doing any work then you need to attend coaching classes for some time, to know the process of preparation, and improve your confidence.

 How to study for many hours

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A competitive environment will show you how to face the exam and how much competition is around you. Before preparation, you must know about the distribution of marks of SSC CGL which includes the following subjects:

Reasoning, general awareness, quantitative aptitude, and English comprehension. Total 100 questions out of 200 marks. The SSC CGL exams contain some tips for preparations. Combined graduate-level exams contain four tiers out of two tiers considered main exams.

How to attend exams

Attending an exam is very easy, you will get an admit card with complete information of the exams, address, date, and time. Accordingly, you have to reach it within 30 minutes. At the entrance gate, there are some formalities to be checked, you must have an admit card with one ID proof, voter ID card, Pan card, or Adhar card for candidate verification.

All the candidates arrive 30 minutes before the exams, and the exam will start at the given time. You have to read all the instructions on the admit card. Before 15 minutes you will be given an OMR sheet that needs to be filled out without any mistakes, candidate's name, roll number, registration number, and signature.

Before the exam starts, you will be given a question booklet. Answers will be marked in an OMR sheet that needs to be filled carefully.

Time management for the SSC CGL exam

Time management is very important for SSC CGL or any exams. You will be able to solve all the questions well, but there is a time limit. Only talented candidates get selected who can solve the question on time. Your decision depends on time. Solving time plays an important role.

If you can solve easy questions before time, you can save time for difficult questions. Your second attempt may be helpful for you if you give your best next time. Don't be disappointed if not selected on the first attempt. You can do better next time. Don't give up, many candidates try at first and then turn towards the next option. You have to think for a better life that you have to crack the SSC CGL anyhow, that kind of spirit is required.

How to give your best

If you want to give your best, you have to collect the syllabus, books, course material, and online ideas. Revise all the questions according to the syllabus, related books, online tips, and the last many years' questions. Last year's questions were not asked repeatedly, but similar questions can be asked. We need to practice such questions.

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Improve your knowledge from related videos of experienced teachers, and topper students' views on SSC preparation, which means a lot for new candidates. Practice every day consistently for at least 3 to 4 hours.

Know more about what has not been, whatever you get from all resources. You need to be relaxed and confident while attempting exams. Keep practicing solving all the questions on time.


The SSC CGL is not an easy exam, it's also very difficult for those who are just trying to get a chance to get government jobs. The candidates who qualify for this exam are very talented, and they have been practicing continuously for a long time.

It may be easiest for those who are preparing for other exams, but they need to practice for numerical aptitude and reasoning. Every year, millions of candidates apply but only those who consistently practice can qualify.

Keep practicing, with best wishes to all the candidates from MKG motivation.


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