What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?

 What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?

Artificial intelligence is taking over all your manual work. Shortly, all the work will be done by machines. Whatever profession you have will be reduced or no more will be there in the coming future. Many people will be jobless if they are not performing their work as fast as machines can do. We must know, What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?

God has given us wisdom that has invented the internet and Artificial Intelligence technology machines that have made our lives easy. We need to be more active, we want to get our work done by the assistants. And this habit has been changing into creativity. Our life is stepping towards luxury and comfort. And the human mind has invented such things which are beyond our expectations.  

Man has invented a technology that can think and act like the human mind called AI or Artificial Intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence? How will it take our jobs?  How AI will take over all our manual work, and what are the significant expectations of AI? Let’s have a look at the following points, how AI will take our jobs.

Table of contents

  •  Introduction
  • What is Artificial Intelligence in simple words?
  • Who invented AI or Artificial Intelligence
  1. Reactive message
  2. Limited memory message
  3. Theory of mind
  4. Future of AI
  • Impact of AI on the society
  • Conclusion


This is not my thought but it's said by many experts who have been using this technology. It may be difficult but we have to think about the impact of AI in the future. Today AI can do almost anything itself. It needs only some commands. AI can create difficulties for us in the future.

We must look at AI technology seriously because it greatly impacts our country. This statement is of those people who have invented AI. How do we know, What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?  It may be very harmful to the future, but it could be enhanced. We have to think about the negative impact of AI.  

We have to think about who is more powerful in their mind faster than others. They will get the opportunity to get its benefits. What will happen to us? Those who know AI will be more successful in the future. In the coming future India may be affected by this technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence in simple words?

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of machine learning process which relates us to mechanical work. How does it work artificially? There are so many apps that are used to change faces and artificial makeup. These are used as fun but the creator is earning from that and many people are using it like special effects in making videos and cinematography. Such as fire scenes, burning cars, building objects, destroying things, jumping cars in the sky, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of technology like running and changing background scenes according to the command. Now AI is creating some work by machines that can act like humans. An AI machine can feel, sense, emotions, etc. All human work will be done by robotic machines.

Who invented AI or Artificial Intelligence?

Dr. Geoffery Hinton is called the Father of AI. Who invented this technology with his two students? And the effect of the AI is mid-journey and chatGPT which are trending topics or examples of AI. People have been using coding language for difficult tasks on the computer, which takes many hours to complete, and that work is being done by chatGPT or AI tool in seconds.  

There is only one difference between man and computer, and that is cognition. As per AI, a computer will be able to think for itself. Now the computer does not need input because it's taking all the information from the Internet. It can train itself as a human.

What are the four Types of AI?

Massage learning is a process that teaches itself neural networks like neurons in the human brain that help to think and understand. AI can be divided into four types. Reactive massage, Limited memory message, Theory of mind, and Future of AI.

1. Reactive massage

The first type of AI is reactive massage. This is the basic step of AI which reacts as per the movements of objects or the human mind. It can follow every movement of the human mind or object. And used to follow the same process as the message is recorded.

2. Limited memory message

A limited memory message is a little different from a basic message. It does not depend on the present movement, it keeps the record of the message. This can act on any object. AI can control driving a car, it will work on the limited memory or the experience of driving. It can work on the history of driving and the movement of the front vehicle’s distance, speed, and control.

3. Theory of mind

Theory of mind can read the human mind's emotions and behavior and it can give opinions. Sophia's robot is built based on this theory. Robotic technology is very advanced. Future research on this theory is continuing.

4. Future of AI

Imagine there is a robot who has self-awareness, feelings, and desires. This is thought of another level. But it's not beyond expectation because this kind of robot is being made recently. We need to be aware of What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs? Future of Artificial Intelligence

Why are those people worried about who invented AI? His statement is if he has not made it, another will have invested in it. already started eliminating low-level jobs. And ending many jobs that machines can do. AI may be a dangerous technology for the human future.

This is the fact that if you think being an engineer you are a good engineer or the best mechanic, but in future your work will be done easily by the machines. And need to learn AI skills as well. 

So ultimately you need to change yourself, you have to learn machines that are going to be developed from AI and will be replaced. There will be no value for a manual expert. 

Therefore you have to learn new changes and accept new challenges, whatever is adopted by AI. Technology is developing, and new tech will change over time. Those who have learned this technology are earning.

Impact of AI on the society

The impact of AI on society is the expectation of unemployment. We have to know how it will affect our jobs. Many people will lose their jobs mainly in Accountancy, market research, and graphic design. We can save ourselves from this by making our AI a powerhouse. We need to develop ourselves.

It's very important for us because AI has a big demand in the market, we have to learn AI as fast as machines work. We can see the impact of AI is that, on one side companies are eliminating employees, and on another side recruiting who have experts with AI skills.

Many industrialists research AI, as per their research 25% of employees will be lost in the coming 5 years. This means approximately 15 million jobs will be due to AI.


We need to upgrade our skills with AI knowledge. To avoid the risk of AI, we have to learn new skills. There are a lot of courses available online and even an MBA degree is specialized in AI technology.

The demand for AI will be high in the future. We need to learn understand and update every factor of AI tools. And Your comments and more advisable knowledge will be highly appreciated.   

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