How to develop our personality as an attractive social presence

How to develop our personality as an attractive social presence

Personality development is not to develop only our physical structure and talent but we need to develop ourselves to create a social presence that attracts toward our success. What should we do to attract people towards ourselves? How to develop our personality as an attractive social presence?

Some important factors we need to develop such as loving yourself and keeping yourself simple, worrying about the future, and forgetting about the past. And embrace uniqueness. These are the boundaries of self-development, you know all these factors and have been following but we have to know how to create a strong social presence.

Real success is possible through self-development, and everyone can do it, but we need to follow our hobby turn it into passion, and work with proper guidelines. You need to set your goal with a positive mindset. Some unique points on how to develop our personality need to be described.

Table of content

1. Love to yourself

2. Set goals with simple living

3. Personality development is self-development

4. Our skill doesn't make us rich

5. Self-care and misery

6. Past present and future

7. Embrace the uniqueness

8. Be flexible

9. Conclusion

1. Love to yourself

Love to yourself means hating those people you are surrounded with, and taking advantage of you. Adding anything positive is not selfish, it's called self-love.

Don’t be selfish but loving yourself is one of the best ways of personality development. If you hate yourself, then there may be some reason for that you have to improve yourself. Upgrading yourself seems complicated but this is the only solution. If you overcome your weakness, you will start loving yourself.  

2. Set goals with simple living

Keep your life simple, do more of what you love, and don’t do what you don't like. Do more on what motivates you towards your goal. Do less which has no meaning for your goal.

Set your mind where your better status is concerned. Human skill, expertise, or knowledge does not lead you to your richness. It's your state of mind. Simple living with high thinking develops your personality.

3. Personality development is developing yourself

A motivational speech attracts us towards success in the seminar. We learn things and we reach near success. Our minds totally change and want to act like it's easy to achieve well. How to develop our personality as an attractive social presence?

When we leave the seminar session like a film show, you start talking to concerned people about the development. Expressing your thoughts, the seminar was really heart-touching, we have learned a lot, and we used to appreciate motivational speakers and their thoughts.

After a few days, we forgot everything, we mixed up our routine life, and we lost everything that was our goal. It happens with a maximum number of people.  Few people really follow the guidelines of motivational speakers and start working accordingly. That is the actual personality development.

4. Our Skill doesn't make us rich

Our skill does make us rich, it's extraordinary to say this, many people may not accept it, but it's the real truth that your skill, expertise, or knowledge doesn’t make you rich, but your positive attitude and strategic working style make you rich.

You can get better job offers based on your knowledge or skill and can earn a lot of money. You may live a standard life, based on your skill.

The real truth is that most of the rich people use your skill and knowledge. They have the managing power to utilize intelligent people. They have money they can take risks in life, and invest a large amount to make more money. Your skill is not making you rich but your skill is being utilised by others. That level of personality needs to be developed.

5. Self-care and misery

Self-care and misery can’t secure your future. It is a practical experience about self-care and misery. It can’t secure your future. Misery can save money but for the growth of money that needs to be invested in business. It's like a foundation upon each day built.

Self-care is required for physical fitness not for saving money.  Self-care is not about the past or hobbies. It's a foundation upon which each step builds better. Your well-being and it's like an outview of all external experiences.

6. Past present and future

It's an overview of failure in life. Worrying about the future, and complaining about the present. People have some boundaries in life without destroying inner peace in life.

You're thinking about the future in life, dwelling on the past, and worrying about the future. Embrace the uniqueness that you have within you. You will make it special no one else can be like you.

Nobody is bored with a clear mindset or strength. You have to figure it out yourself. Action, trial, thoughts doing and failing, these are the ups and downs in life, you have to achieve the goal. Once you find you are good at that is the start of your upgrading.

7. Embrace the uniqueness

Embrace the uniqueness you have. That will make you special so that no one else can be like you. No one is born with all uniqueness. You have to build your strength yourself. How to develop our personality as an attractive social presence?

You have to figure it out with your actions. Throw attempting trial and failure. You have found what you're good at. Then nobody can stop you.

8. Be flexible

You need to be flexible, when things are not going the way you want, you need to adjust, feel free to try the new way, and continue with new energy and experience. This is the question in your mind: How to develop your personality as an attractive social presence?

Thinking longer term and making better decisions is flexible, change is a requirement of time, and failure is the key to success, these are the learnings we have to follow, which make us flexible, comfortable, and more talented as per the learning with time.  


There are many ways of personality development. To wake up early, go to bed early, do proper exercises, eat a healthy diet, be patient with everyone, and so on. These learning we have been following but ‘how to develop our personality as attractive social presence is something different.

Personality development makes you presentable, people start following you,  your style, your habits, and your achievements, and your success becomes an icon for the people.    

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