How to give up our bad habits?

How to give up our bad habits?

“There is no habit within you that you cannot give up, it takes a strong willful decision to leave it” – Gautam Buddha 

There is no bad habit that you cannot give up. The reason is that no person learns bad habits on his own, he gets inspiration from somewhere, whether it is from friendship or bad company, and the person becomes a victim of bad habits.

Bad habits are the effect of bad company, which some people learn through friendship in student life, some learn during training, and some people also learn with a job.

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Ø Introduction

Ø Gandhiji’s formula

Ø Clear determination

Ø Prepare mentally

Ø Nothing is impossible

Ø Site effect of a bad habit

Ø Stay away from bad friends 

Ø Conclusion


In students' lives, we do not understand good and bad, only those who show sympathy become friends, and we get to know later whether he is good or bad. Childhood friends or friendships from student life are often left behind after we grow up, but their bad habits remain with us, which we call the effect of bad company.  10 Daily habits to boot your outlook about life.

They are not worried about progress, responsibility, and the future; they spend one-fourth of their hard-earned money on fun. Or spend their parents' money. They like to spend their time like that. If you cannot afford it and are worried about your family and have responsibilities, then you should leave such friends. By simply leaving the company of such people, many bad habits will automatically go away.

Gandhiji's formula

A child was a great devotee of Mahatma Gandhi, he believed in everything that Gandhiji said. That child used to eat a lot of jaggery. One day the mother of that child took him to Gandhiji and said, “Bapuji, my child eats a lot of jaggery, he respects you a lot, if you advise him once not to eat jaggery every day then perhaps he will stop eating jaggery. Gandhiji told the woman, “You bring this child after a week.”

The woman agreed to his request and after a week she went to Gandhiji with the child and said, “Bapuji, my son eats a lot of jaggeries, you told me to come after a week, once you tell him not to eat too much jaggery, then maybe he will not eat jaggery.”

Gandhiji told that child, “Eating jaggery is not a bad thing, but eating jaggery daily is also not a good habit, leave it.” The child's mother asked Gandhiji, "Bapuji, you could have said this at that time also, but why did you call after a week?"

Gandhiji replied, “Yes, you are right, I could have told the child at that time also, but I did not, because I also ate jaggery every day, I first tried it myself to see whether I could give up jaggery or not. I have not eaten jaggery for a week. When I can give up jaggery, this child can also give up. This was just an example, we can give up any of our bad habits.

​ Clear determination

You should have a clear determination in your mind, no work is impossible, a person can do anything. What is determination? And how is it brought? To understand this, before leaving any work, one has to understand its pros and cons properly.

Any work which you feel embarrassed about doing, which seems like a crime, which makes you feel insulted, that work should be abandoned, if it has more disadvantages than advantages.

But many people consider it against their dignity to give up bad habits. Because their friends insult them, like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol, etc. This task may be very difficult for you but it is not impossible either.

You will have to make a strong resolve, that is, you will have to pledge that you can do it. You are not in control of anything.

You are a human being, a very good and respectable person, you have achieved a position with a lot of hard work, you have given up many bad habits, and you have struggled a lot in life.

 If you have made many sacrifices in life, then what is this cigarette? If you want, you can give up any bad habit. Just strong determination is needed.

Prepare mentally

Controlling your mind is a common thing, but many people are not able to do it. They are afraid, they have made their mind weak. When you try hard to get something and when you don't get that thing, you leave it.

For example, if you feel like eating something but your budget does not allow it, then you compromise. And forget that food item. Similarly, if you want, you can give up cigarettes, drinks, or any intoxicating or bad habits. You can try it for the first few days. Later you can give up completely. How to Change your life completely.

To give up any bad habit, it is important to know what is going on in your mind. Whatever keeps going on in our mind often becomes our habit. If you get into the habit of smoking cigarettes, go out somewhere to smoke.

You need to go with someone who doesn't smoke, and notice how he survives without smoking. If you feel like smoking a cigarette, you look for an edge. If you have decided to quit smoking, then use something else in its place. It forces you to separate from people.

You quietly go out to smoke a cigarette and when you come back after some time, people start asking, where did you go? People were looking for you. Many times, many auspicious opportunities in life are missed. You don't even feel regret because of your bad addiction. Because smoking becomes more important for you.

Nothing is impossible

You cannot give up any habit completely but you can try. For the first few days, you can practice for alternate days.

Then you can practice on alternate days, i.e. weekends, and then gradually you can do it once in 15 days and then once in a month and sometimes more. In this way, you can gradually give up completely.

Before giving up bad habits, it is important to know that whatever bad habits you have, you have to accept them. Unless you accept from your heart, what bad habit do you have? You cannot abandon it.

Often people do not consider some habits as bad habits, they believe that this is not a bad habit at all, and everyone does it. Its bad influence has to be understood, no one is ready to accept what is the bad habit in it? Unless you accept that it is a bad habit, you cannot cure it. To leave it, one has to set a goal and work in that direction.

Site effect of a bad habit

Eating sweets is not a bad habit but for those who are diabetic patients, it’s a bad habit for them. Instead of sweets, you can eat something else, which does not contain sugar.

Such bad habits often have to be given up after their adverse effects occur. That is, one quits cigarettes when symptoms of cancer start appearing or controls sweets when the sugar level starts increasing. How to change our habits and emotions

Many other similar bad habits are corrected after their adverse consequences occur. If this habit had been broken earlier then that situation would not have arisen. If you remember the side effects of cigarette smoking, your mind automatically starts moving away from it.

If you get any challenge, you accept it, but you cannot accept the challenge to give up drug addiction. If you take steps to give up bad habits, then you can give up. Provided that you have the desire to give it up. If you don't want to give up from your heart, nothing can happen.

Stay away from bad friends

Sometimes even the influence of friendship does not let you give up a bad habit. Your friends may be the ones who adopt bad habits to stay with them. Don't want to give up those bad habits because of friendship.

Well, quitting a bad habit is not as difficult as people think. The reason is that no person is completely capable of himself, he gets inspiration from somewhere, and only then does he do that work. Bad habits are mostly the effect of the company.

Some friends are also good, who always support, us and our companions in happiness and sorrow. But some of their habits are bad. Like partying every Saturday, and Sunday, and smoking cigarettes for status, these habits never go away.

If you have to leave such friends, you will have to leave them by giving up their friendship. You will be able to miss their company only by leaving the party every Saturday and Sunday. Because if you do not attend the party of such friends, then they will not invite you to the party again. Because such friends are mostly just wasting their time in fun and enjoyment.


It is very easy to give up bad habits, provided there is a desire to do so. There is no habit that you cannot give up. Only your strong determination and curiosity to adopt good things can help you get rid of bad habits. Your efforts should be steadfast and gradually you can easily give up any bad habit.

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