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Motivation is our personal need

Motivation is our personal need  

 ‘Motivation for all’      

There is nothing we do as humans, and you know the motivation is our personal need, What is the concept of motivational need; Man naturally needs to be motivated. Our basic needs are such as food, water, and shelter, and our behavior is counted by motivational management. It is largely focused on the creation and motivation of individuals and groups.

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A large part of the responsibility of managers and the human resource team is there to motivate employees. Therefore the management of the motivation of people in the organization is required.

Table of content 

  • Concept of motivation
  • Motivation cycle
  • Theory of motivation
  • Attribution theory
  • Motivation may be financial or non-financial
  • How to understand the motivational power
  • Effect of Motivational Thoughts
  • Motivators are performing well
  • Motivation for all
  • Conclusion

Concept of motivation

A large number of human resource functions are organized for the motivation of employees, putting employees to perform well, Managers are constantly focused on the challenges of motivation, and their team members release their talent. Because motivation is an act of performance it depends on skill and motivation.

Skill alone does not ensure the best effort to achieve the performance, but along with that to understand the motivation in the meaning and relationship between needs and goals.

Motivation cycle

The motivation cycle moves around three things, needs, drives, and goals.

Need: It is created whenever there is a physiological or psychological imbalance, for example, the need for food and water is served by the other person and friends, by any social worker, or by government organizations.

Drive: Drives are action-oriented and energizing for achieving goals, for example, the need for food and water is required in other terms it is called hunger and thrust, and the need for a friend becomes a drive for affiliation.

Goals: At the end of the motivational cycle is a goal. A goal in the motivation cycle can be defined as anything that will reduce drive. Turn your passion into a profession

However, the challenges of managing motivation at the workplace, as per the study different things that motivate other people, just as their needs and drive are different.

Theory of motivation

There are different theories about motivation; Maslow's need hierarchy theory is based on basic needs and draws from human psychology. His theory indicates the following human behavior.  

Physiological needs

Physiological needs are the basic needs of life, hunger, food, thrust, and shelter. These needs are relatively dependent on each other; these needs are cyclic for a short period.  

Safety needs

If the physiological needs are satisfied, then protection against danger, threats, and losses is needed. A person usually feels safe, if the basic needs are fulfilled. He also has to manage the climate, such as floods, earthquakes, natural disaster imbalance, and so on.

Social needs

If physiological and safety needs are satisfied, then the need for love and affection and a relationship with people attracts the desire to be respected in the group or society, for all these social needs are required.

 Stream needs

Everyone has self-respect, strength, confidence, prestige, recognition, and appreciation, but these needs are egoistic and are rarely satisfied. There are lots of opportunities for their satisfaction.  How to live with passion

 Self-actualization needs

Self-actualization needs are the need for one’s strength, and what one wants to become as a person may achieve anything in life, a great businessman, an eminent artist, or a great position in society.

People who are satisfied with these needs are basically called satisfied people, and from these needs, we can expect the fullest creativity. A sound motivational system is required to be successful; we must take care of this hierarchy of needs of the team members to work efficiently.     

Attribution theory

Attribution theory refers to how people attribute the causes of their own and others' behavior; attribution can be classified as the following:

Dispositional attribution

This type of attribution depends on the person’s behavior and performance, it causes mainly on personality, skill, aptitude, and attitude. It all may be indivisible attributions.

Situation attribution     

This attribute is a person’s behavior and performance, to external factors such as there may be attribution of equipment, work, culture, peers, and colleagues.

Employees can attribute success and failure

It can be attributed to a poor quality job and situation factors, such as improper training, lack of supervision, technology issues, etc. These can be motivated by a supportive manager, and an excellent training system. For Poor jobs and good job performance, higher motivation is required to put in more effort toward achieving greater success.    

 Good luck and bad Luck

Some employees attribute success or failure to good luck and some flawed luck attribution. Motivation is the most researched subject in understanding human behavior and human resource management.   Turn your passion into a profession

It has continuously attracted a lot of research, as well as management attention in the organization. Several studies continue to explore the many facts of motivation in the workplace.

Motivation may be financial or non-financial

Motivation may maybe financial or non-financial. A non-financial motivator is an individual-based group or company. As individual motivation is based on the basic need for satisfaction, life is worth living, and there are various ways for people to satisfy food needs, shelter, clothes, and money. These needs are served by work.

How to understand the motivational power

To understand motivational power, we have to study the people’s living standards, the part of society that uses particular kinds of clothing, certain groups have different thoughts, and people decide their thoughts as per the place or society concerned.

It is difficult to understand the motivational power, and where it will work, As per the different categories of people, we have to motivate each category differently, how to reach the people to motivate them. We need to understand this situation.

Effect of Motivational Thoughts

This can be your family, your area, schools, neighbors, associations, etc. There are changes according to the situation; different things motivate us at different times. Sometimes the goal of life becomes the goal of the business. This might require adjustment, and decision-making motivates them. 

Motivators are performing well

Yes, indeed, all the motivators are always motivating the entire universe, but how many of them are following all the motivational thoughts. It’s not a matter of the motivators; their duty is to motivate all. They are always at work, they are called non-financial motivators. They are performing well for society the country, for humanity, and it will never ever stop, motivation will always be there, but need to pick up or utilize it in life.  

Motivation for all

Motivation is really for all but how people achieve that is their priority, Motivators can’t search the people’s categories, for example, the people who are in the category of Physiological needs, and they are motivated to help the hungry and thirsty people, it may not possible for them because they are surviving for their own food, how can they help the people.   How to study consumers' buying behavior

As per the hierarchy theory, the group of people will be able to achieve and go forward to the next need of hierarchy, This will be the best motivation for them to change themselves, step forward to the next level of need, and get whatever they need in their life they can achieve.  


The concept of motivation moves around three things need, drives, and goal, Management is motivating people for the best performance, and the theory of motivation has been well described as per the hierarchy level of needs.

Every need is compulsory for every level to fulfill that need, and if satisfied, automatically human nature converts to the next level of need. Motivation The theory has already motivated everyone to do better; opportunities are there for going forward.

Attribution theory is based on people’s attributes to others or sometimes it depends on luck, still, people need to help each other and motivate them by making them trained and providing opportunities to live better lives.


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What to do if your child doesn’t like going to school?


What to do if your child does not like going to school?

I don't want to go to school, and I don’t like going to school, this happens often in childhood. Even lots of children use to pretend not to go to school. Many parents have been facing these situations and searching for a solution. I have also seen such pretending by the students when they come to school early in the morning. What to do if your child does not like going to school?  

What to do if your child doesn't like going to school?

Education is the only solution, which helps us for making our future. Sometimes your child cries in the morning like somebody is beating him or her. People come out of their houses to see and ask what happened? why the baby is crying for? You feel ashamed saying that, your child doesn’t like to go to school. This article may help you in this way, how to solve this problem.   When should a child go to school?

Table of contents

  • My experience with the children
  • Take your child seriously 
  • Headaches due to stress
  • Sleeping habits during the day
  • Extra workload
  • Homework not done
  • Teacher moves around
  • Count likes and dislikes
  • Most of the cases in the first standard
  • Turning to understanding language
  • Conclusion

My experience with the children

In my experience with children as a teacher, I learned how to deal with small children, and how to concern with their activities. All their activities were related to their future. I used to discuss with their parents, and they also concentrate on listening to the learning process of their child. 

Following are the major signs of the students, who generally refuse to go to school, and many parents complained to me about the same, but, I always suggested to them not to take any tension. Being a teacher we have to find out the solution for you. 

Following are the major signs, and symptoms that, your children avoid going to school.

Take your child seriously 

A sign of stress is seen in the students, who are always keeping afraid of something. Some of the students are taking extra stress about their studies and avoid going to school. In the beginning, it looks irritating, but it affects students’ minds, and nobody cares about this. Some special care is required for this kind of stress for the children.  

It can be cured by positively asking the child, why is he afraid? What he doesn’t like in school? Is anyone beat him? This matter is to be known seriously and accordingly, we need to find a solution. Take your child seriously, it may turn into permanent stress sometimes and need to be solved in the early stage. 

Headaches due to stress

Headache occurs due to stress, if you continue thinking about the stress, a headache is normally happened by thinking a lot. It can be cured by avoiding the topic of school-going in front of students for some time. 

We normally think our child is pretending not to go to school. It happens due to thinking more on the same topic, and if the child is not able to sleep well and headache occurs.   

Sleeping habits during the day

Some parents are making their children a habit of sleeping during the day time, due to that habit, students are not able to concentrate on the topic and use to sleeping in class. Other students don’t let him sleep, the child needs proper sleep, and due to this reason, the child's headache occurs.  How to create interest if you don't like to study?

Extra workload

Some teachers are teaching in the senior classes, and they are taking the course of 1st standard as well. Their habit is to give maximum homework so that students will get busy and, be prepared for the next chapter, to be taught on the next day. That extra burden is being taken by some of the students only.

My suggestion to the teachers, such a burden should not be given to students, which is creating the stress of overload work. Some of the students are not able to understand the chapter properly in class, if not able to complete their homework, they are punished in the classroom.  

Homework not done

Some students are not good at work, they refuse to do homework and they are punished in school by the teacher, therefore to avoid the punishment they refuse to go to school.

The solution to this problem is, that you need to help the student with their homework, but don’t do it in your own writing, to be done by your child, only help to complete the homework. Children need to understand the concept of the chapter in the class. If not able to understand, you must teach the child at home. This is the way of solving the real problem of the child.  


Teacher moves around

Some students are afraid of their teacher, if the teacher is always moving around, this type of fear occurs in students’ minds, and they avoid going to school. In that case, school work may be easy but if your child gets bored, and is not able to understand, you need to talk to the teacher and tell him to show love to the child, to avoid his fear.

Taking help from relatives and neighbors and sometimes consulting the doctor, but the teachers have the right solution for that, just need to follow these steps.

Count likes and dislikes

You need to make a list of things that contains good things your child likes at school. And also make a list of dislikes. Compare all those, and change all dislikes into likes with the help of the teachers. It’s a psychological fact. One day you will be able to choose good things that will be available in the school.

My working experience with the children realized me that teachers work with their full dedication, not for the organization but for their own satisfaction. They work for the entire development of the student. But some government teachers are not following their profession. 

Teachers are also a guardian of the students in school. I think parents must discuss with the teacher the problems of the children if they have any issues with school so that they will be able to help the children.

Most of the cases in the first standard

Most of the cases of not going to school are found in the first standard, in which a child’s potential is identified throw work performance and activities. Sometimes it’s a very critical decision for the student’s career. It all depends on the financial position of the parents.

In some cases, students want to study in public schools but parents' budgets do not allow them to do so, and the decision becomes more difficult for the teachers. Most parents change the school of their child; at the age of 5 or at the time of admission in 1st standard. Shifting private schools to Government schools is also one of the reasons to avoid going to school.

Turning to understanding language

The age of 5th year is the right time for the student to start catching the language, whether the language is Hindi, English, or any other language. This age is very sharp to learn in any environment, the child catches all the activities immediately and starts responding or questioning the topics, but the teacher or guide needs to reply well at that time, it's learning their stage. 

Whatever will you describe they start understanding? The situation of false telling, confusion, and arguments are all things that happen at this age. They must be guided well about going to school.


My Suggestion for parents is that at the age of 5 years, your child has the best option to take admission to a reputed school, where they could improve themselves as best as possible.1st standard is the only class where a child starts improving and trying to learn everything by heart, and the parent must help if they are capable to teach their child themselves.

With all the above guidelines, your child will take an interest in the study, and your proper guidance is required to make him ready for creating interest in going to school. If you like this article please share it with those who need this advice. 


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Asset Management course in 2023

 Asset Management course in 2023 

Asset management courses are recently launched by many institutes, asset management companies are helping to invest the client’s money in the right business to ensure maximum return and make their investment decisions on behalf of the client. AMCs usually serve huge organizations like insurance, pension funds, and wealth funds.

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The asset management system is a framework to facilitate various software applications, and infrastructure to manage their assets, the system focuses to manage or optimize returns and balancing risk to keep an eye on asset performance through its lifespan.

These are assets financial management, fixed asset management, Infrastructure management, real estate managementIT asset management, and digital asset managementThe asset managers check the level of the risk and review all triangles from time to time, they are aware of the exhausted assets, to hold the market value.  

Table of content 

Ø Introduction

Ø What is asset management?

Ø Asset management system

Ø Asset management process

Ø Understanding of asset management   

Ø Types of Assets Management

Ø Fixed asset management

Ø Infrastructure asset management

Ø IT asset management

Ø Digital asset management

Ø The benefits of the AMCs

Ø Career in asset management

Ø Conclusion


Asset management is the course that leads the world, expect to participate in meaningful relationships with clients, and talented colleagues, from all asset classes.  Bringing together traditional and alternative investments, AMC provides clients around the world with dedicated partnerships and a focus on long-term performance.

AMCs provide investment advisory services and training plans, wealth funds, insurance companies, and more assets under supervision working in a different culture. Advisors understand the clients, and priorities to help and provide investment, advice, and strategies that make sense for their portfolio.

Thought leaders provide timely inside and secular themes to help inform our client investment decisions. Innovators using our suit for a solution to help our clients address complex challenges and meet their financial goals.

What is asset management?

Asset management is investing the client’s money in the right asset to ensure maximum return. Asset management companies make investment decisions on behalf of the client. These companies usually serve huge organizations like insurance, pension funds, wealth funds, and high net-worth individuals.

Asset management is driven by the investment mandate, they have instruction to manage a pool of assets in a specific way. Asset managers follow the risk parameters and investment strategy. For this, they charge several fees.

Asset management system

The asset management system is a framework to facilitate the use of various software applications, infrastructure, or strategic plans, to manage the assets, the system focuses to manage or optimize returns and balancing risk. to keep an eye on asset performance through its lifespan. 

It simplifies the tracking of corporate sets. Heir condition and follow-up better planning, the cost of operation, and fixed assets should be minimized. An asset should be finance property, plant, equipment, Software management, machinery, AC plant, lifts of building, fire system, etc.

Asset management process

The asset management managers check the assessment of existing assets they diagnosed to determine if they meet financial objectives. And then the extent the asset realizes its purpose is ascertained.

Then the facility of future endeavors is determined by the management team. Based on future demand asset managers analyze asset lifecycle and efficiency to ascertain maintenance. The obscene criteria, rate of the asset, and their overall impact are evaluated. the potential risk related to the asset is counted.

Understanding of asset management   

Asset management is the strategy of redesigning and managing clients' assets or investment portfolios to ensure the organization’s growth. Their portfolio includes various assets, like equivalent, real estate, mutual funds, and marketable securities.

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Asset management companies have minimum investment limits, below that limit, they don't take the project or risk, which is called the wealth line. The AMC is an expensive proposition, it holds expertise. Moreover, it can't save money, time, and effort. Asset managers research a wide range of investments before setting options that suit the clients.

The benefits go beyond just the profit. AMC provides its clients with alternative investment services, brokerage, credit cards, market funds, and debit cards. Most AMCs don’t serve low investors. These firms charge significant fees for managing.

Types of Assets Management

There are different types of asset management, such as fixed assets, infrastructure, financial, information technology, and digital assets. All these assets have different functions.

Fixed asset management

Many companies require proper plant machinery equipment, and fixed assets, for functioning in proper regulation because workers in the industry use machinery as per the capacity of functioning equipment, some engineers are taking care of the proper functioning of the machinery along with production, now AMCs are organizing all these responsibilities on their risk.

 Infrastructure asset management

These facilities connecting include roads, bridges, transportation, internet, electricity, and telephone, for infrastructure assets, managers focus on the development, improvement, and replacement of the related assets to give the best service to the organization.

Financial asset management

Financial asset management refers to the allocation of financial funds into various investment markets: investment, mutual funds, stock markets, insurance, etc. Investors and financial advisors understand the clients, and their advice and strategies play an important role to give priorities for investment.

IT asset management

Information technology is an inspirational component of the corporate world, maintaining software computer system patents licenses, applications internet works, all these components are very costly but all organizations are not able to hire experts to maintain IT components.  

Digital asset management

Digital asset management like social media, websites, media and other intellectual properties is regulated through digital asset management. Enterprise asset management handles both tangible assets and intangible assets of the organization, infrastructure software documents, premises, and processes.

The benefits of the AMCs

AMCs have a great quality to select the appropriate investment. The primary role of the AMCs is to evaluate the overall assets, to review all triangles of the set from time to time to minimize risk factors for AMC and the organization as well.

Asset managers check the level of the risk involved in the asset portfolio, to measure to reduce the risk with proper diagnosis and moderation.

And finally, they eliminate the dead assets, the managers are aware of the exhausted assets, and they know the market value and real value of the assets and the depreciation value for the organization.  

AMCs manager evaluates the corporate valuable investment to facilitate investors' objectives. For the best results in future. The ad value for the client portfolio.

A career in asset management

Asset management companies provide services, which include financial analysis investment, most AMCs are mutual funds, and companies' investments and banks are appointing such employees. The best job-oriented course

Candidates can acquire advanced finance degree courses like chartered financial analysis, MBA finance, and subunits with ad courses in asset management can be advisors and managers for organizations.

The only way to succeed in this career is by building effective relations and growing clientele. Glassdoor offers asset managers in the US an attractive salary in this career. Being a manager, they have permission for a career option.


Asset management is the process of investing the client’s money in the right asset to ensure maximum return. AMCs make investment decisions on behalf of the client. This includes financial, Fixed assets, infrastructure, real estate, IT and digital asset managementselection of the appropriate investment, and The primary role of the AMCs which should be avoided.

Candidates can acquire advanced finance certificates and degree courses like chartered financial analysis, MBA finance,  and asset management and can be advisors and managers for organizations. The only way to succeed in this career is by building effective relations and growing clientele. Many companies like Glassdoor offer asset managers attractive salaries.  The best job-oriented course

Asset management course is an advanced degree course like chartered financial analysis, MBA finance, and advisors and managers for asset management companies. 

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The best job-oriented courses for students

The best job-oriented courses for students

The best courses for students learning for the jobs depend on their interest or goal and the field of work. As per the students' hobbies, a few courses could be considered the best course for the student's career.

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Learning depends on goal setting or the demand of their selected option, or the choice of the students. It's very important to research the best courses and needs to be considered carefully. There are many options for the students but need to select the best course, as per their stream

There are many best courses for a student in various industries where they can learn and earn as per the modern demand. But it depends on the stream you have to build your career then you can explore options accordingly.

A few of them are the Data science certificate program, Artificial intelligence, project management, Web development, Cyber security certificate program, Cloud computing, Digital marketing, and Full stack development certificate program. The best as per modern research is being explained to students searching for the best job-oriented courses.

Table of content   

  •  Importance of education
  • Data Science
  • Project management
  • Web development
  • Techbee program
  • Full stack developer
  • Digital Marketing
  • Cloud computing
  • Consistency in education
  • Passion for learning
  • Conclusion

Importance of education

The importance of education has increased manifold. The population exploded and the cutthroat competing for jobs for better skills and a better chance of getting jobs. The students are fighting with many competitive exams and getting valuable jobs. There is no doubt the better your course makes your job better.

Many educational institutions provide a popular location and impart skills in their respective field. Such as symbiosis, IBS, and LPU have campus recruitment and getting companies on their campus recruitment. This definition gives an initial push to the career.  

This can be concluded by saying that competition is the new economy, not only education required around the year but the best of the education provider.

Data Science

Data science is a popular field that combines statistical programming, business analysis, and interpreting complex data. The course as data science fundamentals or data science methodology can be a good foundation course for the students.

Data science and machine learning are the key skills for data science, and linear class perception, algorithm, and linear regression are the major key skills.

Project management

Nowadays project management is the key skill required. It is highly valuable in many industries. The courses in this field are project management professional, and project management in MBA or civil engineers are required in this field to perform better as management in the projects industries and construction field as well.

Web development

Web development is a versatile field that can help students to build a career in software development as engineering or web designing. The courses related to this field are full stack web development or responsive design can be best for the student's skill to build and maintain websites.

With the web designing course, you will be offered many freelancer projects. You can also start your firm, and design development courses to get employed in many IT companies. Web designing courses include Jobs as a web designer, web developer, Web application designer, and web analyst.    

Techbee program

If you want to go for computer courses, you must be in the IT field, an IT program for IT jobs, or a Techbee program. A Tech engineer job is a one-year course and during this training period, they will be paid for financial independence. And after the successful completion of the course, the candidate will be placed in the IT companies such as HCL tech itself, IIM, BITS, and Amity University.

Full stack developer

Python language is slowly replacing other programming languages, and it has been used in many companies. It not only uses programming language but is also used in IT-related tasks. 

This course meets your requirement but explore other options also and pick the program that is fit for the students, this will help you accelerate your career.

Digital Marketing

A diploma or any degree with basic knowledge of computers is enough for this course. This varies among different companies and cities. Candidates have a lot of opportunities for jobs. 

Today everyone is in digital plate form, and performing many jobs online, most companies cooperate for digital marketing. As per the market situation, there are many jobs in the digital marketing field.

This course will help you to secure a job in the marketing sector. It will help you to work on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. Role of the job in digital marketing. Marketing executive, digital marketing manager, SEO analysis.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is a professional course that does not need coding, it includes server managing companies' data. Job roles included managing servers, company data, and data centers in the cloud. It is much easier to learn cloud computing than any other technology.

Consistency in education

Regular education gives us experience if there is a long break, it becomes difficult to get back, and that is the reason universities and colleges education continues throughout the year with short breaks in between. The human mind works on the habit that needs consistency in learning.  

The world has become challenging to serve without a proper career. And the career demands skills that can be attended by colleges and the basic education from school.

Passion of learning  

Your passion for learning can change your course, plan the best course as per your hobby, change your hobby into a passion, and passion can be changed into a profession. Get the course as per your passion and that will be the best course for you to make your career.

Earning money is the most important priority, becoming financial independence as soon as possible. Taking care of your parents is your priority after some age. Parents become dependent on their children.


At the age of 20, most students avoid doing the job and spend their time doing unnecessary things. They need to be serious, the age of 20 is the best time to start working. It does not matter if you are not getting a better job.

Don’t waste your time on credit cards and EMIs buying fancy, luxury items. Making life comfortable is the kind of experience that makes us lazy. One day credit cards will cross the limits then you will realize the mistakes you have made.  

There are many best courses but it depends on your choice. A few of them are Data science, Artificial intelligence, project management, Web development, Cyber security, Cloud computing, and Digital marketing. This article will be helpful for students who are searching for the best job-oriented courses.