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How to create solutions of unemployment in 2023

How to Create Solutions for Unemployment in 2023

Unemployment is the word you get to hear in every home, every street, and everywhere, most young men and women are facing this problem. Young pass-out graduates, Engineers, MBA students, accountants, and even experienced people are in search of employment but jobs are nowhere. It's a problem, how to create a solution for unemployment in 2023.

This all happened because of corona and lockdown, for the last two years, every middle-class and low-class home has been in a situation where they are not able to fulfill even food requirements for their families. Unemployment is caused by many factors but the financial crisis is one of the biggest problems.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. The situation occurred due to lockdown

3. Successful and failures in self-employment

4. Successful in self-employment as a business

5. Start your smart business or create your own job

  5.1.  Children's Toys Shop

  5.2.  Plastic furniture

  5.3.  Waste material products

6. Solutions for Job-based people

  6.1.   Develop digital skill 

  6.2.   Internship as experience

  6.3.   Educate and update the resume 

7.   Conclusion


Those are even lucky who still have jobs, even if they are getting low-paid salaries, and at least able to run their families. They are unhappy because they are not able to fulfill the other requirements of their families except for food.  

Although many efforts have been made to reduce the problems over the years. But unemployment is not decreasing. How the jobless people's lives will be going on in this situation. If there are four to five members in a family, and they have only one man as the source of income, whatever he earns all spent on food only.

They believe in the future, if their son or daughter gets a job then family expenses may be well managed. All the newly qualified boys and girls are trying for jobs every day but no job is available anywhere. Even if they get any job that is based on target or conditional job, if the products are sold, they will be paid.

The situation occurred due to lock-down

This situation occurred due to the lockdown, people are aware of the three waves of the corona. God bless all, this should not be repeated. What should we do, if we go out, the coronavirus may attack, if we stay at home, what to feed the children. Corona’s waves have stopped employment opportunities.  Impact of Unemployment Lockdown

People are always trying to do such new things to start their new small businesses, but they always have the fair of, if not sold or if not run. Even after the lockdown, it happened with many salesmen, products were not sold, due to lack of money. 

Success or failure of Self–employment

I have discussed with many people regarding their self-employment trials, but they are not satisfied. I discussed this with many salesmen, who keep standing from morning to evening at a place where they are not able to sell their products.

Even if a car sales manager is not able to sell 3 cars in a month, his earning is not more than 25 thousand in a month. Many salesmen are not able to sell as per their expectations. Many shopkeepers are not able to sell their products. Now the situation is under control, the market is again in full swing but sale is less as per their expectation. 

There are many such examples, I also discussed with some fruit sellers, how much they earn from that work, and they replied, that there was a time when they earned 700 to 1000 per day but these days, people ask about the cost only but few of them get ready to purchase. As the earning is concerned they are earning only 400 to 500 per day only.

Successful self-employment as a business

Some people don’t believe in the jobs, they don’t want to work under anybody. And for better jobs, they don’t have better qualifications; they don’t like to do a servant of labor type of job. Who are those who are self-dependent or self-employed?

How to run a business without an MBA

They would like to work hard on sunny days, like to work even at night or early morning, used to go to wholesale markets of vegetables and fruits to buy things like vegetables, fruits, clothes for children, toys for children, and many more things and used to sell them on the open market.

There is no fixed place for them in India. Only on footpaths or near any market, they are also called street hawkers, but depending on their own work they call that their business. 

Start your smart business or create your own job

Due to the financial crisis, most of the companies were closed, and they let go of a large number of employees, and the result was lots of people lost their jobs, and reduced job opportunities.

Some of them become smart, they start their business with multiple items and procure such items explained above. For example vegetables, fruits, makeup items, children’s toys, and so on. 

Their second step is they announce to all their co-workers, telling them they have no need to go to the wholesale market and can get the things from their shop at a low price, which means they become retailers, with big stores, and provide all the items to the seller in chief rate. Their margin is very low but as per sale is concerned they are getting more benefits, and becoming a businessman.

There are many business ideas like that starting from the small scale. The people who don’t like to do the job, if they are qualified or and want to start their own business. There are lots of opportunities to do business, the ideas are:

Children Toys shop

Children's toy shops contain hundreds of items, and the manufacturers are looking for distributors, who procure those gifts and keep them in stock, anywhere, at home, or in any store which may be rented. Keep those items well-covered and systematically.

And then make contact with people through ‘WhatsApp’ groups or Facebook. If people contract you can sell these items in bulk to the direct seller or you can appoint the seller on a sale basis.

Plastic furniture’s

There are lots of people searching for modular plastic items such as chairs, sofas, children’s chairs, tables, toys, plastic flowers, etc. These items have good demand in every house.

These items can be sold through salesmen or online booking because the digital marketing system is increasing day by day. Take the benefit of these opportunities.

Waste material products

This is the most beautiful creature of many people who are making these things but there is no such market where to sell, so they make ‘YouTube videos on that. These people may be contacted, and give the craftwork to the creators, search for such creators, and you will get them from the internet or ‘YouTube’. They are making beautiful items that are made of waste material. Hire them and get the margin of profit.  

There may be many items that people can create as per their mindset of not doing jobs, but they want to become a businessman. Use such creative activities and become the owner of your business.

Solution for the job-based people

For job-based people, they need to develop soft skills, the skill will never be going to stop; even if it is working while people are at home. Most organizations have taken over their working process online.  Impact of Unemployment During Coronavirus

Even schools, colleges, and all institutions are running properly based online or working from home. Most IT-based organizations have developed an online process of working. The Following are the tips for solving unemployment.

Develop digital skill     

Nowadays people are dealing with every work sitting at home. Digital marketing has taken the position of all offline processes. And shortly definitely, most of the work will be done online.  So, young people need to develop their digital skills to get the best job opportunities in 2023.   Information technology created its importance

Even all financial working processes and transactions are digitally being organized by banking sectors from the bank to the bank and to the individual accounts of the company, employees, etc.

Digital transactions are not only in particular countries but it is being utilized globally. There are lots of job opportunities of jobs shortly. TCS, Wipro, and many other IT sectors are launching new opportunities. You have to be prepared with strong digital skills. Nowadays Artificial intelligence as chatGPT has created new job opportunities for the new generation. 

Use Internship as an experience

For the young generation, it is very important for all those jobs seeking to develop their digital skills that will be the top priority for employment. Some of the organizations are providing internship programs for freshers along with training for developing digital skills. As artificial intelligence or chatGPT. 

Internship skill is the way to add experience to your resume. And through the internship, people will get the opportunities to get a new type of business work, nowadays, most business owners hire experienced people, and Job expertise is also allowed most by the organizations. 

Educate and update resume 

Nowadays most businessmen are hiring experienced employees for their organizations. You need to build your network, share your experience and ideas with the people who may help you to avail better job opportunities, and keep educating yourself by facing different interviews.

And you need to add experience and update your resume. Every interview may allow you to learn new things and new ideas, those experiences can be added to your resume by learning skill development programs. 


This is very important for everyone to understand the financial situation and the need to face the problems of unemployment themselves for the year 2023. These suggestions are for job seekers and for the people who don’t want to do the job, both types of youngsters need to develop the qualities as per the new requirements.

All IT sectors such as TCS, Wipro, and other companies are launching new opportunities for the people; their expectations are that more than 90% of people will be back on the job. They will provide work from home and work from the office, about 5 lakh people will be appointed.  To achieve these opportunities people need to develop strong digital skills and artificial intelligence will be required to get these jobs.

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How to Improve our Job Satisfaction and Morale

How to Improve Our Job Satisfaction and Morale

Employees may not be satisfied all the time working with any organization. We always want to keep ourselves happy and satisfied. As humans we want to be satisfied with our needs, Job satisfaction is our most important desire while on the job.

Employees may be satisfied most of the time working with any organization but not always. We do things so that we can keep ourselves happy and satisfied. As human beings, we want to be satisfied with our needs always. 

Job satisfaction is our most important desire while on the job in any organization. This article is especially for business management students entrepreneurs, and businessmen who always believe in hard work and best performance.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Meaning of morale

3. Importance of morale

 3.1. Off-the-job satisfaction

 3.2. On Job satisfaction

 3.3. Personal satisfaction

 3.4. Employees' morale can be classified  

4. Morale and productivity

  5. Measurement of employees 'satisfaction

    5.1. The general impression of mangers

    5.2. The Guided interview

    5.3. Unguided interview

    5.4. Combination of both

  6. The survey questionnaire method

7. Improving morale

8. Conclusion


If we are working with an organization, the satisfaction level of every individual is different, we work for different reasons, and our morale should be high or satisfactory. High morale results in high efficiency in the organization, we will discuss the understanding of the employee's satisfaction and organization morale.

Meaning of the Morale

Meaning of morale can be defined as Good organizational morals in good conditions, in which individuals and groups make reasonable subordination for the organization. It is a state of mind, emotions, affections, attitude, and willingness to work.

Poor morale may be disliked for the job, the company, and any association or organization. Good confidence is evidenced by the employees’ enthusiasm, regulations, and willingness.

Importance of the Moral

Morale has directly impacted the working of the individual in a team. Moral can be divided into three major categories. Off the job, in the job, and personal satisfaction.

Off-the-job satisfaction

It's expected from work such as income, security, and status in the community, where you live. It may be individual satisfaction also. 

On the job satisfaction

If you are working, your job satisfaction is your interest in a job, the opportunity for advancement, and your status within the organization. 

How to pursue passion with the job.

Personal satisfaction

From the job, such as growth, achievement, power, and job expertise, each category has its impact, and that can damage the employees’ morale. As a result, employees may engage in simple gossip, other ill effects of low morale might be engaging in the outside workplace with friends and it might have a negative effect.

Morale can also be understood as the confidence and interest in which employees perform their jobs. It is a psychological quality that forces someone difficult to measure and easily destroyed. The level of morality is the degree to which the individual's overall needs are fulfilled.    Importance of training

Employee morale can be classified into the following:

  •  The employee’s background which includes his level of intelligence and education, and his personality determines the way he seeks, esteem, and self-actualization. Moral depends on the satisfaction of these needs.
  • Employees' personal environment, relations with family, friends, and neighbors. His thought and social life, influence his thinking and attitude while on the job.
  •  Management practices influence moral satisfaction, manager's behavior, company policy, salary, promotion, employee services, benefits, working conditions, and employee handling issues. Employees' morals depend on the employee's expectations and reality.

Morale and Productivity

It has been assumed that high morale is high productivity and high creativity in work. It's important to know the result of low morale is low productivity.
Formerly it is that high morale resulted in high productivity.

But it is not fact, sometimes it doesn't work, if high morale is created without benefits, without incentive, it may be failed. Productivity depends on the morale of people who don't like such high morale. As a result, getting things is what one wants most.

The companies have rules for extra duties or overtime work facilities; they used to pay extra for high productivity. For morale development certain companies are successful, their trend is to utilize employees through skill development programs, training, and providing lots of benefits to the employees.

Measurement of Employee Satisfaction

Employees’ morale can be measured by the assessment of employee job satisfaction. It cannot be evaluated directly With the help of a senior reporter, employees must be given a chance to express their feelings, and working capabilities>

Organizations need to identify their real performance and desire to work in other areas of work, or an employee satisfaction survey. Employee surveys are the most important and commonly used method for measuring morale in most organizations. 

Importance of training for skill development

The general impression of Managers

Some managers don't know the morale and employees satisfaction, they only know, how to get things done with the taught behavior. Only a few of them know through training, they are capable of developing high morals. Executives should encourage using accurate tools available for the sense of the moral situation.   

The guided interview

The guided interview is a helpful method of investigating the morale of the manager or other executives by the comparison, of their behavior with the employees as a whole. The guided interview is based on the questions selected for the true pictures of how the employees feel about job satisfaction.

Unguided interview

This Technic is based on the assumption, that if the employees are asked to talk freely; they will talk about the situation that happens to them. Sometimes reality is not been explained by the manager to the organization. They used to handle the situation with their own behavior.

Employees need to speak at conferences as lectures, and some of the employees are left behind due to they are not been identified with the abilities they have. They are not to be presented in front of the organizer. They are always been ignored by the managers and the seniors.

A combination of both interviews

The guided method can be focused on the general conversation. During the guided interview the valuable information needed benefits the other employees also. This is an effective way to ensure to impact on employees' morale. An unguided interview identifies the real view of the employees.

The survey questionnaire method

  •      This survey method is used to collect opinions about employee satisfaction,
  •      Conducted to find what employees really think.
  •       Feedback on managerial effectiveness.
  •        To determine the clarity of the company vision.
  •       Find out what employees are most unhappy about.
  •      The survey is conducted once a year. 

     Through the above survey, important is, what action is taken. The low score is analyzed by the head of the department with the team manager; this exercise will improve employees’ morale.

     The action to be taken to improve morale with the rewards and recognition method, more and more reward systems will encourage employees. And most nominated is to be awarded.  Importance of training for skill development

Improving Morale

Several measures of morale can be improved by the positive measures that can bring satisfaction to the employees.

  • Creation of the whole job - by this method job is assigned to the employees; the complexity of the job should be increased.
  • Job enrichment - In this method employees may be given the responsibility of setting their own work pace to concern their own errors.
  • Building responsibility into the job- Employees will be encouraged to participate in which responsible for making decisions.
  • Managerial Effectiveness- This can be achieved by developing a workgroup. Improve social contract managerial coaching and employee stress management.
  • Flexing working hours - Flexibility of work from home to be given to the employees to arrange working hours as per their personal needs and lifestyles. They can show more responsibility for the job.
  • Incentive and profit-sharing plan - Morale can be improved by effective incentives to be provided to employees. Morale can be improved by employee contests, annual programs, recognition awards, long services awards, etc.


This article is especially for business management students and entrepreneurs. Employees may be satisfied working with an organization but not always. The morale of the employees must be satisfactory. Organizations work for the satisfaction of their employees, as per the facilities employees’ morale will be high for the work.

Overall job satisfaction depends on the benefits being provided to the employees such as flexibility of the job, encouragement by participation, training and development programs, work from home to maintain personal needs and lifestyle, recognition awards, long services awards, etc.

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Impact of Unemployment in India due to lockdown


Impact of Unemployment in India due to Lockdown 

Unemployment in India has been always a problem and the coronavirus has affected several economic sectors. Problems of unemployment need to be solved and we have to take the necessary steps to get back to normal life again.    

As per the data of the Center for Monitoring the Indian Economy's unemployment rate is 11.58%. About 18 million people have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus; most of them were depending on shops, restaurants, malls, and daily wage earnings.


They all depended on the jobs being provided by the small-scale industries. This unemployment has affected most of the people of 45 years, who have migrated to their native places. Some of them are still surviving on food and living hand to mouth.  Effect of corona-virus on the Education of India

Table of content

  • People migrated to villages
  • Survives due to shutdown
  • Job VS Internal loss
  • Some people who have not been shifted
  • Some people have started new businesses due to coronavirus
  • Some businesses have been stopped permanently
  • Some of them came back to the same track  
  • Impact on private jobs
  • Some people are still surviving from lockdown
  • The online process of working creates unemployment
  • Solutions
  • Conclusion

People migrated to villages

This was the fact that the people who earned or ran their families used to migrate from villages to cities for jobs. But during coronavirus, it’s just opposite to the fact, that people migrated to villages depending on their traditional works.

They felt safer in their villages than in cities, due to the coronavirus and unemployment as well. Most of the laborers and daily wage workers have been shifted to villages, they have started to work in the village till the situation is under control.

Survives due to shutdown

Most of the cases of survivors shut down because, most of the young people were badly affected by this pandemic and most of them were working in shops, hotels restaurants, and molls.

These areas are where the young people work, which were closed during the lockdown. All these people are surviving, even though these shops are not yet opened fully. They are not able to find a job anywhere else. 

Job VS Internal loss

People who are having jobs are also affected due to the coronavirus, their salary has been deducted by the organizations and paid as the minimum possible. They may be getting low pay or fewer working hours; this may be because of low sales of the shops and restaurants.   

Having jobs these people are facing internal losses, and surviving on many things, they are also living a normal life.

Some people who have not been shifted

Some people have settled in cities. They didn’t leave these cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Gujrat, Chandigarh, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. These cities are mostly providing jobs to people in private companies. So they are settled permanently in these cities.

But they do not migrate to their villages, because they only depend on the jobs, they keep on working, even if they are not able to earn more, but still depend on the jobs, such as auto-rickshaw drivers, taxi drivers, employees of private schools and colleges.

Some of them are daily wages for employees of the private sector and government undertakings, fruit sellers and vegetable sellers, open install marketing people, target selling salesman, etc.  

Some people have started new businesses due to coronavirus

As per the unemployment time due to the coronavirus, some people have changed their profession, they have started to make masks and sold at low prices with minimum profit. It was just to start something to earn for the family.

This can’t go on for long, because the mask does not have so much cost that may require a daily consumption profitable business for low-class people. But some ladies of villages have manufactured on a large scale and sold in the cities also.  

Some businesses have been stopped permanently

Some of the businesses have been stopped permanently, they have lost even their investment if they have started their business initially. That businesses are film theaters, Gyms, malls, and open sales of clothes, and foods like dosa, samosa, momose, chain, chole bhatoore, etc. Now they have tried to do their efforts somewhere else or they may have left those businesses.

Some of them came back to the same track  

Some of the above businesses are there again, they have started their work such as gyms, and foods on the roadside, like samosa, Momose, chain, dosa, etc. But their sale is not as they expected. Still, they are not discouraged and again ready to stand their business.

Millions of job losses can’t be measured, but some of them are returning to their job again. They will be paid low and need to work more, but how to recover from the financial crisis.  

The ESI scheme is working basically for sickness and treatment of dependents, but it depends on the eligibility of the people who have contributed to the ESI scheme, which is required to contribute at least 12 months.

Impact on private jobs

How does unemployment impact private jobs? Most government jobs are back on the streamline, but there are no sufficient vacancies seen for the new generation. except for a few posts UPSC, SSC, and police posts. Even the Indian Army has been converted after only four years of recruitment. 

The private sector has changed the recruitment policy after the lockdown, they are appointing people in low-paid salaries. Old and high-paid salaried people are terminated, and low-paid employees. It is a fact in most educational institutions, schools, and colleges. Many people are still jobless after the lockdown, and they are still surviving for their jobs.  

Some people are still surviving from lockdown

Some people are still surviving from lockdown, they couldn't get jobs, and some people have succeeded in online jobs. They are trying to motivate people to do online jobs but it's very difficult for all. YouTube channels became most famous in social media, and now most people are busy making their career on YouTube vlogging. 

Maximum people are trying their luck on YouTube and working hard. Ultimately those people who are already famous are getting followers, and they are becoming richer, but viewers are only wasting their time, and still surviving. 

The online process of working creates unemployment

Due to the lockdown, every educational business has not been stopped. they have turned their work online and people who are trending and able to work online took the jobs in their favor Nontechnical people couldn't achieve that and they were struck out from the jobs and they are still servicing. 

Even after two years of lockdown everything is normal now and all the people get back to their previous track, but people are not getting that level of income which was before lockdown. AI tools or ChatGPT have taken the jobs of some people who are in the everything is being done by machines most of the engineers are changing their profile.  


The unemployment rate has been increasing up to 14.7% during lockdown. Through the ESI scheme, it’s compulsory to contribute for 5 years then all benefits are provided to the employees for 12 months for treatment. And the minimum salary will be paid during treatment.

Some insurance companies are providing health insurance for free treatment and life insurance as per the risk coverage. These companies should plan to such insurance-based for such pandemic situations.

Tata Consultancy has employed thousands of people after the lockdown. All the work came back on track even though salaries were not being paid much. 

Now I would suggest people not to worry, as per the time changing people have to understand the situation. The rate of all the necessary items has been increased but people have no money to buy things. Even the businessmen also surviving their items are not being sold due to not expected sales. 

The only solution to unemployment is to learn new technology, that is the demand for new organizations that have developed technology. 


After the lockdown, some people who have permanently changed their profiles will be not able to recover their losses. They have to invest again in their new business and have to fight the circumstances and want to overcome their financial weakness.

This time was really bad for the people and, it’s very difficult to recover their time. Many people have shifted to villages and changed their profiles, and most of them started their own YouTube channel, and earning money.

This is a big help from the people who are subscribing to them and viewing their channel. They are earning money from YouTube channels with the help of viewers.

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What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?

 What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?

Artificial intelligence is taking over all your manual work. Shortly, all the work will be done by machines. Whatever profession you have will be reduced or no more will be there in the coming future. Many people will be jobless if they are not performing their work as fast as machines can do. We must know, What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?

God has given us wisdom that has invented the internet and Artificial Intelligence technology machines that have made our lives easy. We need to be more active, we want to get our work done by the assistants. And this habit has been changing into creativity. Our life is stepping towards luxury and comfort. And the human mind has invented such things which are beyond our expectations.  

Man has invented a technology that can think and act like the human mind called AI or Artificial Intelligence. What is Artificial Intelligence? How will it take our jobs?  How AI will take over all our manual work, and what are the significant expectations of AI? Let’s have a look at the following points, how AI will take our jobs.

Table of contents

  •  Introduction
  • What is Artificial Intelligence in simple words?
  • Who invented AI or Artificial Intelligence
  1. Reactive message
  2. Limited memory message
  3. Theory of mind
  4. Future of AI
  • Impact of AI on the society
  • Conclusion


This is not my thought but it's said by many experts who have been using this technology. It may be difficult but we have to think about the impact of AI in the future. Today AI can do almost anything itself. It needs only some commands. AI can create difficulties for us in the future.

We must look at AI technology seriously because it greatly impacts our country. This statement is of those people who have invented AI. How do we know, What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs?  It may be very harmful to the future, but it could be enhanced. We have to think about the negative impact of AI.  

We have to think about who is more powerful in their mind faster than others. They will get the opportunity to get its benefits. What will happen to us? Those who know AI will be more successful in the future. In the coming future India may be affected by this technology.

What is Artificial Intelligence in simple words?

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of machine learning process which relates us to mechanical work. How does it work artificially? There are so many apps that are used to change faces and artificial makeup. These are used as fun but the creator is earning from that and many people are using it like special effects in making videos and cinematography. Such as fire scenes, burning cars, building objects, destroying things, jumping cars in the sky, etc.

Artificial Intelligence is a kind of technology like running and changing background scenes according to the command. Now AI is creating some work by machines that can act like humans. An AI machine can feel, sense, emotions, etc. All human work will be done by robotic machines.

Who invented AI or Artificial Intelligence?

Dr. Geoffery Hinton is called the Father of AI. Who invented this technology with his two students? And the effect of the AI is mid-journey and chatGPT which are trending topics or examples of AI. People have been using coding language for difficult tasks on the computer, which takes many hours to complete, and that work is being done by chatGPT or AI tool in seconds.  

There is only one difference between man and computer, and that is cognition. As per AI, a computer will be able to think for itself. Now the computer does not need input because it's taking all the information from the Internet. It can train itself as a human.

What are the four Types of AI?

Massage learning is a process that teaches itself neural networks like neurons in the human brain that help to think and understand. AI can be divided into four types. Reactive massage, Limited memory message, Theory of mind, and Future of AI.

1. Reactive massage

The first type of AI is reactive massage. This is the basic step of AI which reacts as per the movements of objects or the human mind. It can follow every movement of the human mind or object. And used to follow the same process as the message is recorded.

2. Limited memory message

A limited memory message is a little different from a basic message. It does not depend on the present movement, it keeps the record of the message. This can act on any object. AI can control driving a car, it will work on the limited memory or the experience of driving. It can work on the history of driving and the movement of the front vehicle’s distance, speed, and control.

3. Theory of mind

Theory of mind can read the human mind's emotions and behavior and it can give opinions. Sophia's robot is built based on this theory. Robotic technology is very advanced. Future research on this theory is continuing.

4. Future of AI

Imagine there is a robot who has self-awareness, feelings, and desires. This is thought of another level. But it's not beyond expectation because this kind of robot is being made recently. We need to be aware of What is Artificial Intelligence? How Will AI Take Our Jobs? Future of Artificial Intelligence

Why are those people worried about who invented AI? His statement is if he has not made it, another will have invested in it. already started eliminating low-level jobs. And ending many jobs that machines can do. AI may be a dangerous technology for the human future.

This is the fact that if you think being an engineer you are a good engineer or the best mechanic, but in future your work will be done easily by the machines. And need to learn AI skills as well. 

So ultimately you need to change yourself, you have to learn machines that are going to be developed from AI and will be replaced. There will be no value for a manual expert. 

Therefore you have to learn new changes and accept new challenges, whatever is adopted by AI. Technology is developing, and new tech will change over time. Those who have learned this technology are earning.

Impact of AI on the society

The impact of AI on society is the expectation of unemployment. We have to know how it will affect our jobs. Many people will lose their jobs mainly in Accountancy, market research, and graphic design. We can save ourselves from this by making our AI a powerhouse. We need to develop ourselves.

It's very important for us because AI has a big demand in the market, we have to learn AI as fast as machines work. We can see the impact of AI is that, on one side companies are eliminating employees, and on another side recruiting who have experts with AI skills.

Many industrialists research AI, as per their research 25% of employees will be lost in the coming 5 years. This means approximately 15 million jobs will be due to AI.


We need to upgrade our skills with AI knowledge. To avoid the risk of AI, we have to learn new skills. There are a lot of courses available online and even an MBA degree is specialized in AI technology.

The demand for AI will be high in the future. We need to learn understand and update every factor of AI tools. And Your comments and more advisable knowledge will be highly appreciated.   

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